It's completely rude and disgusting when somebody comes into your home and starts peeling their feet and flicking the skin and toe funk all over the place. Amirite?

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And I like feet. Who the FUCK does that?

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@Mike_Hawk And I like feet. Who the FUCK does that?

My ex... Haha it was one of out last fights. He was messing with his feet and being nasty puke smilie and when I said he was being gross, he started yelling at me. We went in his car to pick up a movie from red box and he said, "I'm getting this movie for you and instead of being mad at me and calling me gross, you should be GRATEFUL." I was like, wtf? How do the two relate? hehe smilie

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did this happen on some show? o.O

it's strange, interesting, and funny
like a comedy

if it happened to me
I'd start doing this

Image in content

and the person wouldn't go on because they'd be too busy trying to figure out what's going on with me

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Eww, who does that?

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@JollyOle Eww, who does that?

You'd be surprised... My mom has a friend that's always picking on herself and throwing nasty crap everywhere. As soon as she leaves my mom vacuums the floors, the couch, and scrubs them down.

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