Muslims ARE in fact killing Christians in many parts of the world. Christians are NOT killing Muslims. Amirite?

Egypt and Afghanistan are 2 huge examples of an attempt by Muslims to take total control and domination over others. It is NOT just the Taliban doing the killing. And even if it was, it is not acceptable. The Muslims who have come to America say that Muslims do not do such killing, and yet it is in fact Muslims doing the killing. If Muslims are against murdering innocents, then THEY need to throw any and all out of their belief system who go against what they claim the Quran DOES NOT teach.

Muslims killed 500 Christians in Nigeria freedom religion Koranwho approved the killing of Christians? with his children: he must carry the weight it! why, Christians Are Persecuted, Martyred, and Killed Worldwide!@Musli...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTYKvj4sD5w
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Or you know, both are happening.

What about all the anti-Islamic hate crimes that occur all across America?

And of course, christians have killed many, many Muslims in the past.

And, if nobody had a religion, this would not be happening.

Here is a follow up link that is very recent. Anyone who wants to see what is happening, can and will. Every Muslim will try and convince you that it is not going on. Believe their words, or believe the evidence of the actions. And none of this is taken out of context or misinterpreted.


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