Are grownup bullies teaching kids how to bully?

And new movies like "The Hunger Games" and "Bully" provide brutal images that imply youth brutality can be catalyzed by adult cultures where competitive vitriol prevails.

Image for post Are grownup bullies teaching kids how to bully?
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That's the exact opposite of what "The Hunger Games" movies and books try to imply. If you read the book, mostly, you'd see that the point Suzanne Collins was trying to get across in writing these books, was the danger of how inhumane our media is, and the Big Brother-ness of the government. It doesn't promote bullying, it demotes it, to show the barbarity that can live in all of us.

Kids mimick the methods of interaction they see displayed by those they trust. It is unfortunate, but sometimes the methods used by those they trust (read: parents) are incredibly unhealthy and dangerous. What's worse, after seeing this throughout their formative years, they're likely to perceive it as a norm. Tragic.

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