In a sci-fi setting, could apes really speak?

I was recently very moved by the movie "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." What I connected with was the way the movie addressed the cruelty towards other species that a lot of the members of ours considers a matter of course, but the inquisitive/scientific aspect of me also noticed some ideas in the movie that I was not sure were really realistic. So my question is: in a sci-fi world like in the movie, could apes (e.g. chimpanzees) really vocalize human speech?

Image for post In a sci-fi setting, could apes really speak?
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It's sci-fi. They can do whatever they want because it's not real

Of course they fucking couldn't. They lack sapience and any form of higher thinking. But it's science FICTION it doesn't have to be fucking realistic

@hugo Just as you don't need to use "fucking" every 15 word or so.

For some reason I felt very strongly about this and felt the need to emphasize it through the use of profanity

no i dont think so

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