what is Wisdom and can Wisdom be found in DNA?

is wisdom the same as thinking? are animals rational? does animals have good and devil? is Wisdom the difference of human and animal? What makes us human? Is it the struggle of base nature versus elevated reason? Is it a balance between selfish survival and selfless charity towards others? Is it the development of something greater, a soul? Or are we nothing more than aggressive expansionistic creatures of instinct, draped in guise of rationality? Are we no different than any other species, only achieving dominance because we are the current evolutionary best that has yet to be sent into entropy by the Darwinian reaper? What are we, does a duality exist, has humanity been elevated to a greater plane, or are we creatures of nature, that have progressed rapidly due to the advantages we have been give? As Plato stated “know thyself”, what is humanity?

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Wisdom is experiencing a shit ton of stuff and being smart enough to learn from it. I have no clue as to why anyone would even begin to believe that wisdom is hereditary.

Wisdom is not innate, it is acquired.
The genome of a person couldn't predispose her much to be "wise".
But it may be that, wisdom is easily attained with a certain way of thinking, which could result partially of a favorable genetic ground ?
Anyways, I believe the brain "wires" largely according to the environment. But who knows for sure ?

Wisdom requires experience, so no. But intelligence definitely has to do directly with the individual's DNA.

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