Why do we engage in superstition?

My thought is that if you want to know something about the world or how things work you put the effort in to learn about it. Then after some time of study you genuinely know about the subject you were interested in.

I want to know people's opinions on why superstition still pervades even at a time where the resources for understanding are literally at our fingertips.

*By superstition I mean anything from luck (don't walk under a ladder) to more elaborate ideas and rituals.

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I don't engage in superstition
it makes me uncomfortable

superstitution says x will cause y to occur
when x and y don't have a causation

there's no correlation or causation
x and y are independent of each other

"correlation does not imply causation"

when people don't follow this rule
they get "patterns' that don't mean anything

because of the confirmation bias
people ignore what goes outside the pattern
and focus on events that fit the pattern

continuing to think that there is a pattern
when there is not a pattern

Humans like to have faith, it's a part of our being, which explains both the popularity of organized religion as well as our superstitious actions.

I think when bad things happen, people like an explanation even if there isn't one. So, they make things up to give them some sort of closure and to feel like they are in control even though they aren't.

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