Is it possible to be simultaneously rational and religious?

Can a person be open-minded and rational and remain anything other than an atheist or an agnostic?

Image for post Is it possible to be simultaneously rational and religious?
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there are religious atheists
an example would be a Jain atheist

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I think a theist can be rational

how rational a person is during his/her lifetime does not necessarily have to depend on the level of religiosity

Of course it is, this should be a question you could vote on.

I think it depends on how strictly you adhere to your specific religion. If you're one of the people who's thinks "My religion is right, everything in [holy book] is true, it's the word of [insert deity]." Then it's hard, if not impossible, to be truly open-minded because you won't think outside those guidelines or even entertain the possibility that they might be wrong. If you allow for leeway in your beliefs and are able to alter them based upon information presented to you, then yes I believe it is possible to remain open-minded and rational while subscribing to the belief in a higher power.

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