"Once upon a time there was a boy and girl who loved each other. Then a slut came along and ruined everything. The end." No. Sluts are not what ruined it, being unfaithful is what ruined it. This kind of woman-blaming mindset society has needs to stop. Amirite?

If a girl were to cheat on a guy, people blame the girl and call her a slut. If a guy cheats on a girl, the girl he cheated with gets blamed and called a slut. The girl he cheated on is sometimes told he cheated because she wasn't satisfying him (and not just sexually) but a guy who gets cheated on is told the girl is a just a whore. A guy rapes a girl, judges ask what clothes she was wearing. People need to stop blaming women and quit blaming victims and start holding people accountable for their own actions.

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I probably could have just used the explanation as the post, but there is a picture on Facebook that has the quoted part of this post and I wanted to incorporate that.

On the version I saw, the two top comments were "Well if they loved each other then slut wouldn't change shit" and "A slut can only ruin it if you or your partner let it" and that made me feel better about society, it shows that it's changing.

But there's still people, and a lot of them, who think like this. One of the replies to the "A slut can only ruin it if you or your partner let it" was "sometimes its just simply hard in a world where women can actually very easily control men especially if your messed up drunk or on ecstacy it can be very hard to say no." People stay faithful while they're drunk and tempted with sex all the time- There's no reason to try to justify blaming the person who got cheated with instead of the person who cheated. If a woman can control you with sex, that's only because YOU allow sex to have that much power.

It's like if someone uses anything else a person is weak to, alcohol, drugs, attention, whatever, to manipulate them- the person shouldn't be controlling you with those things, but the only reason they can is because those things have power over you. And if a person can control you with drugs or whatever, that doesn't mean it's all your fault you're being controlled. But you can't blame them 100% for controlling you- people of both parties need to be held accountable for their actions. They shouldn't be controlling you, but you shouldn't be allowing them to take advantage of what they know is your weakness. It's like if you left your door unlocked and your house got robbed. It's not all your fault you got robbed, the criminal needs to be held accountable too, but you need to be held accountable to lock your door when you leave, too.

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I agree that people get more mad at the "other woman" more than the original cheater sometimes

and sometimes
the "other women" doesn't even know that she's the other woman

even if it's the "other man"
I think the reason for that is because the "other person" is seen as the competition

not that that justifies the ordeal or anything

but if you switch the genders

if the female cheats
the man wants to go beat up the "other man"
maybe because the "other man" is the competition

female cheaters get called stuff like slut and whore
males cheaters get called animals names
like "pig"

cheating is a very painful situation
I wouldn't wish that kind of situation on anyone

I wonder how people decide to stay or leave

I read about these situations
and get so angry and hurt about it
and I don't even know these people!
so I can't imagine how intense it is for those who are directly involved


when I read part of the post on the side tab thingy

I thought
that doesn't sound like you!

but then
I read the rest of the post

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