Can a free society survive under commercialized imprisonment?

I'm disturbed with the idea that prisons are being sold to corporate entities. When the state no longer administers the imprisonment of the convicted does this de-legitimize the purpose of justice under the state's laws? If we, as the custodians of our government, sell our convicted brothers and sisters to a corporate prison aren't we selling them into a form of slavery to that corporation? We have an obligation to the people that we take into our custody that they are not exploited for commercial profit and serve their sentence at our hand. The purpose of corporations is solely to make profit, and the only way for a corporation to continue making profit is to increase it's customer base, which in this case is to create more opportunity to receive more inmates. This means that if we are sponsoring these corporations we must create more laws that incarcerate more people. This is antithetical to what we call a free society because we would have to feed our friends and families (and of course enemies) to this corporation. We would be creating an imprisonment society to satisfy corporate profit.

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