Is "Money" actually root of all evil?

People usually have this belief that money has destroyed societies and mankind. And therefore it the root of all evil. I disagree because its not the money but the person who uses it. There are rich people who are doing a lot for their communities. And lets just say even if we get rid of all the money, I am sure human beings will find something else to use in order to get what they want? Its the character and the attitude that encourages a man to do what he does with his money and not the other way round.

I personally believe we should stop blaming things that we ourselves have given value to. Would love to hear your views on it.

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Money is not evil, it is the love of money that is.

No, I've always thought money in and of itself is neutral. It doesn't make you do anything. It's greed that causes a person to put money over everything else.

No, sometimes it just ends up in the pockets of evil people. Some people just can't handle it and they get greedy and power-hungry and it doesn't end well.

Money need not be consider that way. It sometime lead to evil but without it, they wouldn't have been anything like "serving". So since it exist mostly in the hands of greedies, IT ALWAYS SPEAK EVIL FOR THEM

Anything ending in -ism is evil, not necessarily money. However, it runs the world.

Yes, agreed.

Not really. If money did not exist, there'd be something that would become the new "money."

no, there is no root of evil, actually. we are manufactured with good or evil. We are fundamentally selfish. In a situation where we don't need to be selfish, we are good, and social. So, it's not really the person, it always is the situation. It really is a question of how quickly a situation may turn me into evil.

Good post and mind blowing representation!!!!!
I think its not wine, women and money; in fact, the evil is addiction, lust and greed.

No money is not the root of all eveil ..its what people think what they could do with your money so they steel it from you

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There is no connection.

Money is simply a tool for which debts can be settled regardless of an individual's personal stocks and stake holdings. Looking into the history of currency you will see that people existed before money as did evil. Economics which studies systems of currency defines itself as the "study of scarcity" which does a good job of explaining why humans choose to act the way they do in this world. The simple fact is yes people want money, but they really want material wealth. Material weath is the root of all evil. It was Cain's jealousy over Abel's many livestock that led to the first murder. Envy, jealousy, anger, hate, rage.

Money or no money eather way people will always do and say bad things

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