Should people have the right to bear nukes?

If the reason US citizens have the right to bear arms is to give them the capability to defend themselves from tyrannical Government, then should the right extend to nuclear weapons.

After all even if a city or state was to revolt against tyrannical federal rule they could be defeated using the stronger weaponry in the governments arsenal.

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No, because that goes beyond the right to bear a militia. This is more than to rise against the government and protect this yourself, a nuke is a weapon of MASS destruction, destroying what is good and bad. There is no real reason to possess one.


I don't think it's particularly useful against a government, but rather against personal threats. If I don't have a nuclear bomb in my own home, then how can I defend myself against robbers with bulletproof vests? Sure we can have guns, but robbers are safe if they have even several vests on, and I think that the people should have ultimate power over intruders. Are we really going to let ourselves be robbed this easily?

FOPE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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