Could balding be considered a form of evolution?

I have watched a segment on lice through Nova and they stated that once there was just a single form of body lice on apes or early stages of humans. Once humans started losing hair the lice split one moved up to the head and became head lice and the other moved down to the pelvic region which becames crabs. The torso and upper body began to lose hair due to warmth and skin protection because these creatures had figured out how to make and wear clothing. By determining how far back the two different lice split from one was around the time we determined when our species started wearing clothing. Knowing that I am curious if balding is actually a form of evolution? We are wearing more hats not just for protection but for style so now our heads are staying more protected and warm therefore the need for hair is becoming less and less and over time it would seem to me the hair would eventually fade out on the head. Any thoughts?

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