What motivated you (not) to have babies?

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Well i'm still only 23. But the idea that their are so many children in foster care motivates me to adopt rather than have a child of my own.

I'm too young and I'm not mentally, physically, or financially prepared for a child.

..them things screaming and shoutin..not letting you sleep....on the other hamd when this bby grows up and starts nagging and wanting-ball breaker and in general-i see having a family (at this point-for me at least) as a drag down. financially and freedomwise. plus i aint ready for this shit.

I'm only18, but I went to school with a lot of young moms. They seemed to struggle a good bit and I don't want that for myself. I want to wait a longgg time before I have any babies.

First off, I'm only 17. I want to finish my 5 year enlistment and be married before I have kids.

Health class.

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