Do abstinence until marriage programs work?

Image for post Do abstinence until marriage programs work?
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For some people they do. But I'm assuming you meant as a whole- and the answer is no. In fact, places where abstinence only is taught have higher teen pregnancy rates- which doesn't mean more of them are having sex, it just means less of them are being safe about it.

It depends on the person. If someone joins the program of their own volition, then yes, it's likely to work. But if not, they're likely to think "screw this" and stop being abstinent.

Not really. Personally I don't want to be abstinent until marriage.

Not in my experience.

no they dont

Not unless there's something else motivating it, like religion. I doubt you'd be seeing many pregnant teens in a private school, but for those of us in public school with no other motivation... Not so much.

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