You really have to wonder what our government is thinking to go ahead with plans to send more F-16's to Egypt. Amirite?

Our president STILL has not denounced or separated himself from his support OF and FOR the Muslim Brotherhood. That should tell any thinking person something. Again, with Obama, you must watch what he does and who he associates with MORE than listening to what comes out of his mouth.

U.S. plans to send F-16s to Egypt in coming weeksWASHINGTON - The United States will go through with the delivery of four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt in the coming weeks, U.S. officials told Reuters on Wednesday.http://preview.reuters.com/2013/7/10/us-still-plans-to-send-f-16s-to-egypt-us-officials
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Well of course this is not driven by the need of the US to support Egypt. It is driven by the desire of General Dynamics/Lockheed Martin to sell these planes, and by the desire of the Military-Industrial lobby groups to get paid and by the desire of politicians to garner campaign donations. Nothing in the industrialized world is done for any reason other than profit. The profit motive is the only driving force in any such decision.

The article makes it sound like this is a white-house decision when in fact the congress set the budget and aid packages and could easily stop this in several ways. (These planes were included in the aid package outline long before the coup.) Congress could pass a resolution calling Mursi's overthrow a coup, or could pass a bill changing the military aid allocation. Neither of these will happen. Lockheed, based in Texas would flip out. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz (the two senators from Texas (both republicans) would never let that happen.)

The other sad piece of this story is that Lockheed, over the last two decades, has moved all of it production off shore. These birds are now manufactured in plants in Turkey and in S. Korea, not in the US so the American workers will get no benefit from this sale at all, only the super rich owners and executives of GD/LM will get the profits, which they will share with the lobbyists, and the politicians (mostly republican) through campaign donations to superPACs. And Rush Limbaugh will blame Obama.

@VicZinc Well of course this is not driven by the need of the US to support Egypt. It is driven by the desire of General...

I thought we were still blaming Bush for everything!
So no matter what, GREED and BIG PROFITS are the standard and measure of all things.

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