What strategies does the military use to train soldiers to kill?

For a human being to kill another human being is definitely not a natural and easy thing to do. Soldiers who go to war are faced with many dangers and very often, unpredictable. In order to survive and not get killed by their enemies, they must kill them before the others do.

What are the processes and strategies that the military use to alter mind of a human being to become a soldier is not afraid of taking another people's life?

Soldiers from the Vietnam war were trained to survive surprise attacks. Killing becomes their instinct when they are faced with danger or even surprise

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yup-with a methamphetamine substance now days know as Piko in eastern europe. ;]

pfff leave me in a hostile enviroment with a weapon n the proper equipment and i will be ready to kill.

I think you have it backwards. Murder, rape, thievery, etc all exist in nature and not just human nature. It's civilization that's unnatural. (I'm not saying that's a bad thing, of course it isn't.) We're taught NOT to do all that. But, speaking very, very generally, I think mostly it goes against our instinct. If it was so difficult to convince people to kill other people we wouldn't need laws against it in the first place.

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