The easiest way to make responsible decisions is to make them in advance, like pre-ordering a healthy meal as you reserve a table at a restaurant, making plans to work out with a friend, shopping when very full, and so on. Having a pre-established commitment to success should be a more practiced strategy in society.

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I think pre-ordering a meal is taking it to the extreme, but hey, if it helps then why not? I just can't see anyone actually doing that. Also, don't go grocery shopping high.

Ehh.. I don't know. That kind of requires a bit of freedom to be given up. When you fill your calendar with all sorts of little things you soon find yourself without any time to just let loose and be spontaneous. Decisions in advanced might be the easiest way but is it possible the easy way could spoil a person? When you take away hard decision making processes, you take away something that can help a person learn.

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