The sad truth of things is, that gay people (especially men) face as much if not more discrimination, judgment and prejudice from within the gay community than from outside it. A new wave of pink fascism is trying to take over gay society and all gays should work to stop it.

As a gay man, I have faced an incredible amount of prejudice, but quite a lot from unexpected sources, namely the gay community itself. There is a force within the gay community that attempts to create a standard of "gay identity", telling us how to act, dress, think, drink, dance and make our bodies look. I am vehemently against such a notion, and want to see more done to raise awareness of this problem.

Heterosexual friends of mine have been the best source of comfort, reassurance and confidence boosting in my life, and have always supported me, protected me, stood up for me and stood by me whenever I've been faced with bigotry or prejudice. I want this post to speak up for their way of thinking, and to expose the hypocrisy shrouded in the LGBT community.

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I think the same is true of all groups. The biggest problem is these groups of people trying to identify as an individual group from the rest of the world. Everyone belongs to a very large list of groups, and all of those groups have sub-groups. Obviously these groups exist, but people take them too far and start acting like elitists. If you don't act the way they do, you're not really part of the group, and you have to change yourself to become part of their prestigious group.

People aren't cars or firearms or other mass produced items. You can't tell all of a person's specifications by some "model number" or whatever group they belong to. "Gay" isn't an identity, it's a sexual orientation. Homosexuality tells literally not a single thing about a person except that they are attracted to member's of the same sex.

Trying to use any group you belong to as an identity is toxic to the well-being of humanity. No matter what arbitrary group you belong to, all are just a sub-group of humanity. We're all people, and none of us are defined by who we like, what we listen to, what we wear, what we own, etc. We are only defined by what we do. Until we realize that, we will keep hating using sweeping generalizations and excluding others in some sick contest of trying to be "real".

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