Girl feminists: it's really mind-boggling when you do something stereo-typically girly and someone says "aren't you a feminist?" Yeah... being a feminist means I think it's better to be masculine. Wut. Amirite?

Society in general has a really fucked up idea about feminism. There's the "radical feminists" (in quotations cuz they're really just they're misogynists) who shame women for being feminine. Then there's the misandrist feminists who hate men and make people think that feminism is about giving women more rights than men and hating men. They give feminism a bad name. Look on internet posts that have anything at all that could be related to feminism, and the "here comes the feminists" "blahblahblahblahblahblahblah. Feminism summed up" "women are just trying to control men" "women act like they don't have equal rights but really the whole world bends over backwards to please them" comments come in. If you're a female feminist who just want to be as masculine or as feminine as you want without shame and equal opportunities, people act like you're not a real feminist.

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