Should death penalty/life imprisonment be banned?

Hi everyone, ive a concern about death penalties. Death penalties are punishment for very serious offences(eg smuggling cocaine etc) in many countries. Yes, they can be a major drawback for anyone who wants to commit a crime, thus dramatically bringing crime rates down. However, my concern is, is it right for the government to take away one's life just like that? I do not think that it is very reasonable as this is our own life and i feel that nobody should take away other people's life just like that.
Instead, i feel that death penalties should be replaced by life imprisonment. However, i still feel that life imprisonment is also another violating of human rights. I feel that at least during imprisonment, they should be given productive work to do , and the imprisonment periods can be shortened if the prisoner shows good attitude(which some country has). Life imprisonment or death penalty is simply morally wrong to me. Nobody should be denied of life. Hows that different from killing an animal or locking an animal in a cage. Many did these serious offences in a matter of folly, this does not mean it can be assumed that they will have these same attitude throughout their lives and should be locked up so as to prevent further damage to the society. If they can show sustained good attitude and improvement, their sentences should be reduced and they can even provide some contribution to the community after release.
I would like to get some feedback on my views

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Have to disagree with your post. What you said would be true if we lived in a perfect world, but we don't.

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