Why are YOU killing the planet?

We all want to think it is someone else that is responsible for the pollution, the over harvesting of our oceans and the shortage of water that causes the suffering and death of hundreds of thousands of people including children every year but the reality is it is YOU and me and every individual that lives in a semi-modern culture.

We demand our vegetables to be pretty to look at so farms use pesticides and fertilizers that poison the air and water.

We demand lights and appliances come on instantly and wherever we want them at all times so power companies must build new power plants to keep up with our incessant demand resulting in more air pollution and water contamination.

We demand to be able to go where we want when we want in fast large automobiles that most the time hold just one person or fly on jets because we want to see what a sunrise looks like on a beach.

We want exotic fish and fruits and exotic wood for our floors and decorations.
We want the latest electronic gadgets full of toxic chemicals and minerals mined by people earning slave wages in a 3rd world country.

We want- we want- we want!

Yes and I have been just as guilty as you my friend- but today we must commit to growing up and recognizing how our personal selfishness is killing people and we are directly and indirectly responsible for those murders, starvation, homelessness, poverty and sickness.

If someone accused you of murdering a child you would be quick to defend yourself but every time you get behind that wheel of that gas car you are putting out the pollution that will result in someones death.

Every time you leave those lights on in your house or play your stereo all day you are probably churning out enough air pollution at some coal fired power plant that will cause a farmer to lose their crop from desertification.

Every time you eat that steak or pork chop or fill your tank you are taking valuable grain out of the mouths of starving children.

So do you feel guilty ?

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