Should we open source our innovations?

Say you've had some idea or more for something so groundbreaking and all you really do is hold on to it in your head. Much good it's doing everyone else, but you don't have the funds / resources to do much about said idea. The idea submission place seems fake, and it's your idea, you want credit and payment for such, right?

Well what if we did just that, while at the same time sending that idea out to the world like a bad viral cat video. I think it's time we stop trying to take hold of our ideas, and give them to the world as fast as we think them. In the age of internet posting, Can we take ownership of our ideas as well as send them out to the world, and still benefit from them?

A self titled Self employed Thinktank for the world opensource and hardwired for all to see and comment on, oh what do you know, here It is. So with Ted and Brainbank, other such opensource concepts, how do you all see the future of Ideas, Innovation and Invention?

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