Should Staples have gone totally vegan for a night?

The rock singer Morrisey recently appeared at Staples Center here in Los Angeles. Morrisey is vegan, and he asked that for one night all the food sold in the venue be vegan. Instead, Staples made all the food stands vegan except for one, up on the second floor, that still sold meat. I think they should have gone 100% vegan for one night in honor of Morrisey and his cause. What do you think?

I'd like to somehow make Staples slightly "pay" for not going 100% vegan. I could vow to never attend a concert there again, but that's going too far. Yet if I just phone and say their decision displeased me, I don't think it will matter to them because it has no practical repercussion. How could you slightly "punish" a venue in a way that has some teeth?

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they should have. it's rude. and sad that they couldn't do it for ONE night.

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