Australia should have a new flag!

Now some, like me, are of English heritage but most are not. We are a very multi-cultural nation and to keep this out-dated flag seems like it is part of our inability to become independent from Britain.

And, yes I am fully aware that our defence personal (thank you for your service) moan each time this is discussed But fact is how do we recognise the original land-owners?

How do we complete our separation from those that not only left us long ago but caused much damage while they were here?

How do we become of age?

For too many years I have advocated we should replace the union jack (British flag) with the Indigenous flag. So keep the Southern Cross and just change that top left hand corner.

Would appreciate your suggestions for a new flag? And any angst you may experience if this/any change were to happen to our flag?

How do we generate National pride as an independent nation and cut unhealthy ties to the Brits?

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We don't fly just one flag in Australia Image in content

No it shouldn't

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