Do we need stricter cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying and virtual hate speech laws?

Here is the situation that finally spurred me into making this topic..

Very recently it became apparent that I was infact the victim of an online-stalker.
A certain female who I barely remember conversing with approximately a year ago decided to spend the entire time since we ceased talking to making half a dozen fake profiles on a particular relationship website with varying pictures,names and descriptions and had been contacting me pretending to be these women over the course of the entire year, one at a time, some of which I was talking to for months on end.

Just prior to meeting (after 2 months of unknowingly falling for the final fake account), she suddenly admitted the truth of the situation and I immediately contacted the Police, even more cause for concern that she had apparently told me because she supposedly now liked me even more than what originally led to her current behavior.

This is where the sheer lack of a legal-force on this matter become clear..
Despite having direct evidence of her ownership of the profiles, emails where she knowingly posted me fake images, date and time history taking back 10 months ago and her admission in emails and texts, it seemed the police could do nothing about it..

Legal proceedings couldn't take place, the police could not consider it a crime and the police were not legally obliged to even provide a warning to her.
Even though it appears she has since gone, there is incredibly little to make her actions an official offence even if she repeats the above, requiring me to be far more vigilant and sceptical of everyone I talk to than one should be required to be.

So this ofcourse brings up the question, should the acts of cyber stalking, (and cyber bullying and hate speech) be more legally offensive than what they currently are?
Should such virtual actions be treated equal to physical or verbal?

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