Is there a time to kill?

Nigeria is a country littered with thousands of religious establishments and dedicated followers of those establishments. However, for decades people have taken the law into their own hands by maiming and lynching "suspected" criminals (often by burning them to death). Most notably is the killing of four students by a small community who accused them of stealing a laptop and mobile phone. Many in the past have been murdered for much less. Often, it is in broad daylight witnessed by passers-by. Before you condemn this as lawlessness (which it clearly appears to be), innocent people are terrorised by armed robbers who's MO is to break into your house, rape, steal and kill. The police are non-existent and usually ask for a "fee" before conducting any kind of formal investigation. This longing for revenge fuels the "blood thirst" and often ends in murder. Can there ever really be a time to kill? How can a highly religious society be taught or "learn" to show compassion?

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