Is it wrong to be strong?

Econimically and ideologically the world is a very stratified place. People are starving all over the place and i can't honestly say i care that much. I know that i should though, i know i should feel empathy for my fellow man in need. For example the other day i was walking home from school and i see this woman, standing on her knees,(in the middle of raging winter) asking people to help her, to give her some money or food. People walk by, try their best to ignore her and get on with their lives. After a split second of reflection, i do the same thing as everyone else, i look through her and walk away. Am i a bad person for doing this? Is it wrong not to share wealth evenly among humans? Are these morals that society is based on wrong? Darwin claims survival of the fittest is the way to evolution, does that apply to our society aswell? Should we leave the weak in the gutters? Is evolution even something to strive for? I dont know the answers to these questions. But i do know that im pretty apathetical to all of it, and i think there are many others like me out there. Observing, getting on with their lives.

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