English should be taught differently in schools

An appreciation for english should be implemented in high-schools rather than the current system of teaching that stresses the importance of essay/analytical/response writing. Even so, this style of writing is marked according to the students ability to produce quality work under stress, time constraints and limited resources.

In most cases, students that dont read as often due to other personal demands end up struggling in these classes, and succumb to critiquing and doubting their writing.. losing interest in english on the whole, as efforts go undistinguished in these tight marking guidelines.

Instead teachers should allow students to progress gradually with their writing, with marking specifically aimed to correct grammar and spelling, rather than the students verbiage.

Grading writing on the basis of writing style should be avoided, as interpretations to good and bad writing is dependent on the teacher and labelling a students work as 'poor' or 'weak' can have damaging affects on the students approach to the subject. Unlike maths where this is one definite answer, english teachers should be open to all sorts of writing, only correcting 'definite' mistakes, rather than every minute issue such as re-phrasing or vocabulary usage.

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