Pro-LIfe or Pro-Choice what about Pro-Education

Recently a Politician (lol ummm on a seperate note i looked up Politic in the dictionary and found that poli is a greek word meaning many and tick which is a blood-sucking organism interesting to say the least) made comments that enraged quite a bit of people on the topic that women had some sort of mechanism or something IDk. Anyways my topic is how can we better educate people on responsible sexual practices on the results of sex. And here in the USA how can we better illustrate that what we do to rapist... Which is take them away from everything they love put them in a cell strip them of there freedoms and label them as a rapist for the rest of their life... Also can we start teaching young women self-defense classes from earlier on so that they at least have a vague knowledge of ways to defend themselves from rapists as well as responsible ways to have sex... I am neither pro-choice nor pro life... I am pro-education

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what about helping out the poor unwed mother

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