What should the revolutionized Education System be like?

By now you must have experienced some faults in education system that you have been a part of. Or perhaps if you are fortunate you may have never been in an education system. Whatever may be the case, what do you think the revolutionized Education system should be like? What is your idea of a better educational system? And what do you think are the deficiencies in the current system? What should we, as a society, expect from Education system?
Education is an ongoing process. But education system does not seem to encourage this process. As Sir Ken Robinson has pointed out in this talk, is it not that aim of this education system is to create employees? Is it not that the education system reflects what we as a society put emphasis on. Perhaps it is time that we should get out of temporary influences and create education system that would not be an end unto itself but a stepping stone for a more evolved life.
What then do you think we must include in such a system? What should its characteristics be like? What should it must have and what should it must not include? Your thoughts on education system..Discuss!

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