Does world aid really help?

It seems with so many organizations operating outside of their home country to aid countries with a lesser amount of wealth than them we should think about if it is really the right thing to be doing.

Yes, this does sound barbaric and selfish, but in the end countries need to be providing for their own backs first if they plan to survive.

Consider this:
(the following is a section of an assignment I wrote for a high school paper)

There will always be the strong and the weak...always. As time passes this attribute will which of nation to nation. Look at anyone's history, long term that is, and you will see this. What this means is there is a cycle.
This next paragraph is simply a hypothesis of mine, but I believe it has a lot of validity. If we look at the thoughts of Adam Smith we see that any manipulation to a cycle (in his case it is the business cycle) causes a much larger `Recession. ` I believe that the same can be said for the cycle mention above.
To conclude: We will always have a natural balance in which there are those who are strong, and in turn in power, and those who are weak, and in turn controlled by the strong. If this balance is ever manipulated, i.e. strong countries caring for the weak, then the results of the normal recession will be amplified.

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