Who's idea of success is it anyway.

What does it mean to be successful? I am surrounded by images and ideals of what it is to be succesfull; happy people with wealth, important jobs and respeted social statuses. I am led to believe that to be successful is to reach the highest tier of social hierachy, or to reach as far as I can go. But who's ideal of success is this? Is it mine? Is it yours? I vouch that it societial and media driven ideal.
If I'm being honest with myself success is the goal of not just what you want to acheive or where you want to be in life, but also who you want to be. I want be successful but in whose image; society's? or my own insticntive nature?
Because for me i would be happy to be in a scenario, where i had a healthy family and a job that provided, no matter how successful in the eyes of society it was.And if i was to achieve this would i be successful? Certainly in terms of achieving my goal but only in that respect.
Why is that? Why are more humble pursuits of success not as encouraged? I think it's important to encourage people to be as great as they can be by making them want to reach the highest levels of social success but let's not forget that humbler targets hold value too.
In conclusion; which is the more valuable success? Sociatial success or instinctive success as spurned by human nature

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