In all of human history, has there ever been a "culture" worth talking about?

So, I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and... I've come to the conclusion... that no, we have not, ever had, a human culture, worth more than a cursory glance. How did I come to this conclusion?

Well... It's quite simple actually... Do what the inbred monarch says, or die... doesn't seem like much of a culture to me. We talk about French and British "culture" as if they are something that exist... France and Britain, literally fought a hundred years war. For 4 generations, their entire culture can be summed up by saying "Oh, you're 12... Here's a weapon then... Off you go... God save the queen".

That's not a culture. This led me to think aobut Mayan's and the Incan civillization, and the native Americans... What culture did these people have that was so wonderful? They could do math... but they used math to create "magic" which gave them cultural power. If you disagreed with them, you got your head chopped off.. These aren't cultures, they're asylums.

So... Who, if anyone, is willing to defend the past? Who wants to try and explain to me how their culture was different?

I would like to suggest, that no culture on earth has ever really been worth discussing... "Polite society"... has only just begun, and pretending that there were codes of ethics that existed in human culture before recent events, is actually just an attempt to glorify the monkey. It's an attempt to pretend that human beings haven't always been violent, incompetent animals.

Personally I think we need to learn to embrace, and understand our sadistic past, and nature, if we are to overcome it. The illusion of culture, seems to work against that.


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