The World would be a better place with one government.

The World right now is struggling--different currencies, new ordeals within countries, and the fear of others is on our minds everyday.

With one government most of this would be abolished--

How is one government not better?

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I don't see how one group, no matter how big, could effectively govern the entire planet. A LOT would slip through the cracks.

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no, one govt would be a huge risk, of all the power in the world concentrating into the hands of just one set of people. Having several govt is a much better option.\

Having only one of a lot of things is not a good idea.


I feel like the world would no longer be an interesting place if there was only one government. If you think about it, a lot of your own ideas about what is right and wrong of a country and its culture come from the decisions, laws, and ideologies of your home's government. There would be less originality between countries if they all had the same laws, and ideologies.

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It is impossible.
Too much cultural and ideological differences, not enough common history and values.
The 7 billion people from all over the world can't speak in unison.

The European Union is loose, strives to strenghten itself, with not much success... A Global Union in the near future would not stand a day.

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