How to End War?

Surely we've reached a point by now where we - humanity as a whole - really need to wise up. Regardless of the death, destruction and immeasurable suffering that is armed conflict's gift to us, the stupendous waste of resources that maintaining a military infrastructure requires cannot possibly be considered, by anyone, as anything short of high treason against life on earth itself. The Dark Ages weren't a period in medieval Europe - we're living them now; the times where humanity is facing the biggest problems it has ever faced and still won't bury the hatchet.

So how do we change this? How do we finally put an end to all the madness? How do we get all that steel and food and power and plastic and medicines and transportation and storage and all those other resources out of this Machine of Futility and use them to maybe make sure that this planet will still be capable of supporting a significant human population in a hundred years?

How do we go about finally end war?

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