A Jury System Should Not Be Used in Court

In a Jury trial, the jury decides the facts and evaluates the arguments presented by lawyers fate of the convicted person(s) is decided by the jury, a number of everyday citizens chosen at random. Why is this the case? Shouldn't the fate of the convicted be decided by professionals/judges whose jobs requires them to have a substantial amount of critical thinking skills? Also, aren't jurors susceptible to bias and prejudice? (I remember there was a case when a African-American man was beaten, he was taken to court but the jurors were all white Americans).

Jurors also usually do not have to give a reason for their verdict. This is seems unfair as the convicted could be deemed guilty without a proper given reason. If, however the jurors were forced to give a proper, logical reason as to why they made their choice, the system would get so complicated that a bench trial would be much simpler.

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No i think jury is necessary, it's the judge that should not be used in court.

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