innovating to sustain!

The number of surveys, environmental summits, establishment of new national bodies for environmental conservation and scattered, but intentional, local efforts to sustain; count of each of them has surged quite noticeably over a decade. A surge to counter another surge - the surge of demand and desires!

Greed to innovate, to explore, and to have a little more than each of those who also intend the same greed has left the planet in Need of a companion to satisfy all those who dwell on it. Analytical mind of human has found almost every probable solution to its need which planet can provide. And, then on the top of its needs, the human’s zeal to innovate on one hand has helped him to come out of ages but on the other hand, the alongside surge of the number of its companions and their needs is speedily directing the ascent of the planet’s withhold to threshold.

What is needed is the Greed of “innovating to sustain”! And, fortunately the surge is 'ON', well in time, to counter the surge of need!!

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