Group thinking laws, how to propose better laws to our legislative bodies?

What is the best way to write new laws in a modern technology filled society. Can we use the best elements of social networking to both inform and allow changes, or point out potential conflicts of interest to better serve the community with the laws that govern them.

Can we use this process to rate how easy to read the laws are, and what their potential impact will be? Combining elements of social networking with law writing seems like we could both propose better more effective laws and bridge gaps in the communities, as well as be better informed how to live legally in our society.

Having a understandable code of what is required to do business in nations around the world would benefit trade. So can we get the online community to help us write and police our global laws?

Transparency and urgency. Frequently the US has been passing laws in response to events that have unfolded. A bit of information being passed around the world may help in both protecting our rights as citizens as well as allowing the expression of an alternative view in a brief period of time.

Part of leadership in the modern business world is the managing of ideas as well as seeing their implementation. I would like to see this reflected directly in the bills the people propose to our legislative bodies.

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