Homelessness is not an excuse for defeat

All across the world there are homeless people moving from place to place to find shelter and food. I believe that as humans they have the ability to build shelter and find food in the wild. I don't think these people should be given handouts of shelter and food, But as men we must help each other to ensure our evolution. What we should offer is education on agriculture irrigation and construction.

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Though I agree to the post (not the explanation) to an extent, you're much more correct than the OP

I agree to an extent. Have you ever been homeless? I have, and it becomes a vicious cycle. In this world you can't just pick a spot and build shelter, you need the help because employers don't want to hire people who don't have a home to clean up and present themselves for work in, and they can't get a house because they don't have a job

I am only agreeing to this because many homeless people feel they don't have a chance in life anymore. Which is in no way true. They usually don't do anything about it. Some are lucky and get their chance, some work for it.

It wasn't until I read the explanation I wanted to not facepalm, but rather facecenteroftheearth.

Homelessness is more common in the city, and last time I've checked, the city isn't surrounded by animals or reliable shelter, other the pigeons and maybe other people's trash. Think about that.

Some have to go to shelters because that's all they have. I'll just leave it at that.

I think a better solution would be to promote the use of tiny houses. They don't have to be shacks or shanties, but something very small with all of the very basic amenities a person needs to live while being cost efficient.

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