Do we all agree on the same peace?

People come up with the idea of world peace, but what is peace?
Is peace attainable when no wars are going on?
Is peace when no one is angry?
Is peace inside of you?
(I could go on)

Basically almost everyone has different beliefs on peace.
Christians say it is when there is no sin active in the world,
Islam says it is when the infidel is dead,
Atheist say it is when... well I don't even know what they believe peace is,
and so forth.

So I hope you get my idea.
I was just on a blog about having world peace and how to obtain it. But that is not the first question to be asked is it? Shouldn't it be "does everyone agree on having the same world peace?"

I personally didn't agree with anything that the posters had to say about peace.

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