What should our main focus be....Saving the environment OR Preparing for the changes and adapting to the environment?

The environment has been gradually changing ever since the planet came into being....Life on this planet has always been adapting to the changes.
Evolution has been a key to survival of life on the planet.
Thousands of creatures evolved to adapt to their surroundings. They didn't try to change the surroundings.

My point is no matter what we do to improve the climate, save the environment...it just wont work...it'll never be enough...there are around 196 countries in the world.....More than 7 billion people on this planet... increasing every second. Of the 196 countries, 161 countries are underdeveloped or developing. The race is on...the number of vehicles, factories, etc, sources of pollution are only increasing....so there is no point to stop the change...its like trying to stop the wind with your hands...it'll just blow past.

So, what if we use our intelligence...humanity's most powerful weapon,resource ...whatever you may call it....to prepare for tomorrow....instead of trying to change tomorrow. Focus on adapting...inventing...innovating... What do you think is the best path to take?

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