So basically if immortality becomes possible in the future...
Well should we?

I don't know, but I'm starting to think it will be useful for us to start asking ourselves those questions.
Personally I think that achieving immortality will be the doom of our species, it will stall progress and innovation, which as embarrassing as it is to point out: Relies mostly on waiting the previous generation to finally die out and leave the young guys to do their thing :D

Asimov has written extensively on the possibility that a culture with un-naturally prolonged life cycle will only stagnate and wont innovate beyond creature comforts and essentials. And in the end will be replaced by other more energetic and innovative civilisations.

Short life-span means an accelerated rate of creativity and ingenuity!
Even if we do not achieve immortality what would a civilisation where people live to be in the hundreds be like?
And if you had dozens of decades ahead of you, would you ever take any risks in your life?

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