Is there a 'soft' Internet censorship push afoot, possibly by the US / the West?

Lately my Spidey sense are tingling to the seeming censorship of Internet discussion board topics concerning, primarily, topics that broach the US and the myriad problems it's having of late.

Whether it be issues relating to America's ailing economy; its lowering of its colours as the world's [only] superpower; it's mistakes / failures in the Middle-East; its shambolic educational system; its tacit competition with China regarding everything from militaristic ambitions to space exploration... it seems such subject matter is either, at very least, being frowned upon or outright censored (with accompanying summary bans sans explanation or justification).

Is there some directive from the White House to limit / censor discussion relating to the tumultuous situation the US finds itself in currently? Perhaps in an effort to mitigate scaremongering within the oh so suggestible American populace? I thought the Chinese were the ones who discouraged / denied exchange of information for the sake of 'civil harmony'...

I've refrained from naming names, but even here at TED I had a topic relating to rare earth elements and their crucial nature - with respect to the US military and China's corralling of said mineral - curiously closed well before its slated closure date. That, despite it being well-frequented by respondees, even in the 24~48hrs it was 'permitted' to stay active.

Is this mere coincidence, the conspiracy theorist in me letting his tin foil covered head hang out -or- are others also smelling something decidedly piscatorial in the air?

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