Asian Pop Culture: Controlled Creativity

There are many differences between the Asian Entertainment industry and the United State's. I want to hear your opinion on each one and who has the "better" way.
In Asia one is sought after at an early age and then generated into a certain group and look. The teenager who is linked to an abrasive and lengthy contract has no choice in what he wants to do. He trains for an average of seven years and debuts with his group which may or may not be successful. If not the years and money have been wasted. However if they are a hit the group is under the companies control and the musicians have no say. Each member is talented nonetheless. They can sing, dance, act, and model.
The United States believe that everyone can become a singer if they just follow their dreams. Which means any one can be a singer weather they have talent or not. Nothing is censored and the artist can do as he pleases.
Which is the better way?

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