Effective Communication Skills ... to avoid conflict at every level!

Such skills are essential for personal, work, right up to international relationships.

For me these would include:

sincere, clear and concise but kind words – written and spoken;

active listening, as in actually hearing what others say and clarifying to be very sure;

ability to negotiate win-win outcomes for all, this often means a degree of ‘compromise’ for all parties;

ability to reason logically, to collaborate and network with others

I believe that lack of such skills can complicate and often are responsible for conflict from arguments and divorce right up to wars.

Do you agree?

What does ‘effective communication’ mean to you?

What lies do you readily tell or believe in?

Share a situation where lies or ineffective skills caused you grief?

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It's destructive to promote internalizing feelings/opinions just to make a situation superficially palatable. Being submissive, elusive, and evading to appease an audience or opposition will not lead to any real resolution but make it worse. Doing so sacrifices honesty, which is way more important than getting someone to agree or like you.

You've just outlined ways to properly conduct a debate in your description, which are are all good. Sometimes either party will have strong opinions on something and after attempts at rectifying/debating will still feel the same - or one or both may both be actually wrong and continue to be adamant.

The way a debate works usually, is both sides will present their thoughts, and a common ground that may possibly contain truth will rise out of the discourse.

The other side of your post makes sense: that if everyone had good reasoning and could properly argue, without becoming emotional, then a lot of bad conflicts would be resolved. (not to devalue what you've said, but that's just common sense and logic - however many do lack this)

There's nothing wrong with conflict, as long as the right actions are taken to address the issues being discussed. The world would be a very boring place if everyone just agreed.

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