Does Holistic Education prepare students for today’s world?

Holistic education is based on the principle that students find identity and purpose in life by connecting to the community, nature, and humanitarian values. The purpose of holistic education is not only to prepare students for academic success, but to also enable them to learn the challenges of living as a whole (learning about themselves, about healthy relationships, about social responsibility, compassion, etc).
Although this type of education appears noble, some argue that it is difficult to implement; and if implemented, it is not necessarily needed in today’s competitive world. Critics find that holistic education lacks academic rigor and does not create future leaders (but only collaborators). Hence, students graduating from holistic institutions may have a hard time adjusting to university or future employment. It is also argued that holistic education is costly (it requires more skilled teachers, numerous extra-curricular activities, lots of open space, etc…)

What is your take on this?

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Hmm - never heard of it, so will have to think about this.

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