Is Capitalism the Answer or the Problem?

Arguments aside about the exact origins, Capitalism has pushed us through the last two centuries. Increasing the world has been evolving at break neck speed.

Some would argue that Capitalism is ultimately good and that it has allowed us to achieve our current status of technological enlightenment. It is possible that we would be still living in the dark ages if Capitalism hadn't pushed us towards exploration and globalization.

It is also possible to argue that Capitalism has locked us in a tailspin of destruction, exponential population growth and ecological despair. Many of the worlds ills have resulted from this global ideology. Ultimately, this tailspin could result in our demise as a species.

Moving forward, I do not see the human species surviving if we cling to this ideology of perpetual consumption as our basis of evolution. Exponential growth is unsustainable an unfortunately population growth is the primary power of our ideology. I realize I'm posing a question that has been examined by greater minds than my own but I see Capitalism as problematic in long run. What do you think?

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