Is it God's baby, or Your baby?

John Calvin, a 16th century Christian philosopher and believer in predestination, once said “whoever, then, heaps odium (support) upon the doctrine of predestination openly reproaches God.” Though his thoughts about predestination in the Christian context are less prominent in a modern, more rational society, his general philosophy, especially involving predestination in a genetic context, cause debate to rage on in a world where the modifying human genome seems like the next step in controlling evolution.

How much freewill should human beings, in the context of genetic engineering, have to alter their children? Should we, as John Calvin discussed in his own time, practice the habit of restraint when it comes to issues involving tampering with, as many Christians believe, the structure of humanity that only the creator can mess with, self? Should we, as rational human beings, be willing to move beyond such “iron age thinking,” and move into the world of genetics, unconcerned with the fact we are playing God or nature? Should we, as supposed moderate thinkers, embrace a mix of both ideas?

Essentially, there are two major questions that come out of this: Should we be able to genetically engineer our children, and how does freewill play into how we do it?

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