why do we live and exist? For what?

why do we live? why do we exist for what?
Some people would say for their family , religion , dream , or for their happiness.
However, I wnat to know the closest and deepest meaning.
This is really abstract and difficult question , but we had better to think about it.
I am 18years old , and I want to know about it before I become 20
We may exist and live by coincidence or without reason; we could exist for harmony. Also, If the God is truly exist , we could live and exist for the GOD.
This is my pain , and What do YOU think about it? Why do we live? Why do we need to know the reason? Why is it so painful to live without reason?
< In my opinion, the answer is no. We exist and live without reason, but we can find the reason in our mind. ( life is ambiguous like my answer)I will live to make the perfect and better world >

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