Evolution, but not revolution.

I have watched multiple videos (mostly on math) on the Khan Academy web site. And then I've noticed a pattern - while great, these videos are augmenting the old system. It's a great step by step explanation with great narrative and good visual supplement... of a very irrelevant concept. I'm not saying that math is irrelevant. But while watching one video in particular I heard the words like "This is the trick they use to prepare those kind of problems. When you see this kind of problem - do steps A, B, and C, and the problem will be solved".

This kind of explanation just shows that the problem presented to the student is completely artificial, irrelevant and has very little application in real life. It's a problem that has massaged numbers that only make sense in the context of a single lesson and that problem is only there so that students are presented with something. Something that they can use to "prove" their knowledge.

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My guess is tht they have no intention of "revolutionizing" our world and that they are simply breaking down education. So accusing someone for not doing something that they have no intention of doing is a little silly. If, of course, they are merely trying to educate.

Additionally, can the patterns you talk about not be present in the "real world?" Can we, in our lives, not have a "if such-and-such happens, do such-and-such" plan?

Personally, I have found that the videos do a perfectly decent job of explaining why to do something so that I can transfer the knowledge to other similar problems.

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